Take care of your property listings pictures

The importance of offering beautiful photos on your real estate ads

optimise your pictures for salesA real estate ad with a photo is ten times more consulted than an announcement without picture, and some users specify in their search for results with photos only. In the United States, a new concept emerged: the real estate search by photo. Launched by House Happy, this practice allows to select a property in the first place by the photo!

Really important as it helps to differentiate your property and highlight either on display or on the Web, the photos must be of quality. They must capture the attention of the buyer or the tenant, his interest, and thereby multiply the contacts and visits. In addition, a quality photo is a reflection of your professionalism and your agency.

Discover our recommendations for our real estate agent readers, to achieve quality pictures and thus illustrate your listings.

A few tips to give a treat to your photos listings

Use a good camera

One of the most common errors is to propose photos with a poor image quality. It is recommended that you use a camera offering a resolution greater than 5 megapixels. You can optionally use a tripod to stabilize the image.

Make bright pictures

The brightness is the second criterion, after localization, sought by a purchaser, where the importance of bring out the brightness of the goods on the photos. So take your photos in a sunny weather or at the time of the day where the Interior is the brightest. The lengthening of the exposure time and the use of flash external help make brighter pictures. Dark photos being unattractive, retouch them with free software such as The Gimp.

De-personalize inside

show the best of your propertyPotential purchasers or tenants must be able to project in their new home. Thus, the housing must be tidy, clean and neutral. Ask to remove the family photos and other personal property photo time. You can also push the furniture and other objects imposing to highlight parts volumes.

Create a pleasant atmosphere

Green plants, flowers, or a touch of color as an array to create a pleasant atmosphere. Home Staging, new practice which is to stage its interior for sole purpose of selling the property more easily, is all the rage now.

Choose the angles of view

Adjust your shooting according to your will to photograph a room, a detail, the arrangement of several spots, the view, etc. Try several vantage points: from the front, diagonally, seen from above…

To photograph a room, place yourself at the level of the door to take a shot on all of the room. To take a picture from the outside, avoid taking elements that could divert attention such as poles. Take an angle that highlights the depth of the place. We recommend that you use a lens between 10 and 28 mm wide-angle.

Highlight the strengths of the property

If the housing has a large garden, a swimming pool, solar panels, or any other intrinsic characteristics, they must appear in the pictures.

Take a large number of photos

Take lots of photos to be able to select the best. The number of photos to post depends on the type of goods. Six photos are enough for a studio, while will need to double their number for an apartment 4 pieces. The user must not remain hungry or wondering why some parts do not appear in photos. Conversely, too many photos can tire the potential purchaser.

Choose with care the first photo

87% of Internet users spend on average 15 seconds on the first picture. Thus, the choice of the first picture should be carefully. It is she who will entice your prospect to read or the description of the ad.

You’ve to take your camera!

And you, real estate agents, do you have any tips or advice to share to take successful photos?