Real Estate Photography Tips

image aérienne propriete dans le var

Being able to take clear pictures of real estate is an important part of selling a home. The photographs need to have a crisp appearance with no visual limitations.

A photo that is blurry, blotchy, or has a glare can be hard to attract potential buyers. People who are looking for real estate will be wanting to find pictures of homes that they can easily see. These types of photo captions can make a sale of real estate because people can clearly see what they are thinking about purchasing.
Here are some tips that can be used to ensure high-quality photographs of real estate.


villa with a pool
Get these long exposure shots

A tripod is a good choice of equipment to have when taking high-quality pictures. A tripod can be used to hold the camera for a steady picture taking process.
This keeps the camera balanced and stable to ensure that the photos are visible. Often, when we take pictures holding our cameras, they can be shaky and not provide a clear image. The tripod eliminates the shaky hands when holding a camera and provides a uniform and precise image quality with each click. Different size tripods can be purchased and it would be best to choose one that works for your picture quality needs.


A flash is another important piece of equipment that can improve and enhance photos. The flash provides enough light to provide bright and easy to see images. When taking pictures inside homes, they may turn out dark without proper lighting.
A flash can help eliminate the darkness and still let you have a clear picture of the area you want to capture. It would be a good idea to bring along more than one flash for backup. A flash will improve the quality images that you want to capture in real estate photography.

Lighting Stands

A light stand can be useful in areas of low light and high ceilings. A light stand can help to reflect more lighting in the room that the picture is being taken in.
This is a handy piece of equipment to have available when taking photos of attics, closets, pantry’s, crawl spaces, and large rooms that may have limited lighting and windows. A light stand comes in different sizes and reflects more light in a typically low limited light area.

Angle Lens (Wide)

An important and wide-angle lens is a must have when shooting crisp pictures of real estate. The large angle lens can capture big rooms and spaces that a smaller lens would not be able to handle. A large angle lens is a good choice because it stays in focus and provides spectacular images with each click of the camera. This type of lens would work well for large yards, rooms, basements, porches, scenery, and much more. There is no need to take several pictures of one room to capture the entire space. A large, wide angle lens can capture the entire area with one picture instead of multiple ones with a small lens. It is an excellent choice for professional real estate photos.


real estate photography patchwork

An excellent way to make real estate photography more appealing is to use and editing software. This type of software can help eliminate any blemishes or lightening issues that may have occurred. It can also be used to make the quality of the picture stand out in appearance and detail. An appealing and attractive picture will attract people’s attention and make them want to see more of the real estate has to offer. Editing is a great way to make the images stand out and have an excellent image appearance.

Drone Photography

A drone is a magnificent piece of equipment to use to capture pictures of real estate. The drone can be propelled above the property to take aerial photos from above to capture the beauty of the real estate. The drone allows images to be taken that can help to sell the property. It can show the layout of the roof and any damage that may need to be repaired. It allows for photos to be displayed to potential buyers that cannot be taken with a regular camera on the ground. Being able to use a drone to capture pictures of real estate is a great way to show the beauty of the property and display imagery that would otherwise not be able to be captured from above. Shop for a sac transport pour drone here !

Content suitable for your real estate website

Google is a powerful ally

Discover what is your target audience and what they are looking for, give priority to those criteria and create content that meets the needs of users to improve your reputation and positioning online.

Steps to create the appropriate content for your customers:


The box of Google search gives us clues about the most searched.

Type words related to your business, as you think your customers would do so. Without reaching the query, see the options offered by the search engine to complete your query, which correspond to the most sought after by other users.


target the right audience for your realty businessKeywords in Adwords and Google Trends tool, go beyond search suggestions and provide estimates of the volume of queries for a group of keywords, as well as suggest variations of the terms.

They also enable segmentation by location and extract data from the content of a website.

The aim of these tools is planning for the Adwords system, since it generates keyword and ad group ideas, lets know the possible performance of a keyword list and create a list of keywords by combining various terms, but it serves to detect possible queries that make users, to prepare content that answers to these questions.


If there are questions that are repeated in your conversations with your customers, it’s answer on your website or blog, to cater for all those who carry out these questions by searching online.

It is similar to the “frequently asked questions”, with a format closer to the customer.

This post is an example, trying to bring ideas about what content manage to improve the natural positioning of your real estate website.


What is different, unique, attracts readers.

The content detailing the uniqueness of a particular service (marketing for housing, valuation of the property, negotiating with buyers,…), allows a specific positioning. Does not guarantee a high volume of access but if contacts of high quality, since looking for something specific that you’ve got to show that you offer it.

All real estate captures, valued, trading, markets, public, organizes open doors…, but few explain how have done you and the benefits of its services to its customers.

The process of acquisition or marketing of a singular housing attracts the attention of owners and buyers.

Exposure of your past work ensures the application of more jobs for new customers.


Create case studies with real services to real customers, gives credibility your work, as well as show examples, which facilitates the task of explaining your services and advantages.

It has stories of your customers and the achievement of its objectives, so that new customers wishing to be the following.

The benefits of each are the desires of others.


The credibility of an opinion from a customer about your services is greater when the firm itself in a neutral medium, as the opinions on Facebook or Google Plus profiles.

But there are ways to verify that the client has agreed to offer public opinion about your services. Photos and videos of customers discussing their experience with you, support the message.

Important Factors to Consider When Purchasing or Renting a Home in PA

Pennsylvanian real estate market

The personal situation of households and the trends in the real estate industry always tend to influence the decisions of purchase or lease. In general, the purchase and leasing of real estate properties in Pennsylvania are two different options that can impact on the future of an entire family. So it is important to carefully choose between renting and leasing as is not always easy.

In regards to the Question of Mortgage Interest Rates

Pennsylvanian real estate marketFirst, we need to consider interest rates. When they are low, the cost of borrowing does not go up, resulting in a decrease in monthly mortgage payments. Thus, you must stay on the lookout for trends in the pa real estate sector or use the services of a real estate agency. You must always keep in mind that when inflation is in the air, speculation is yet to be seen. This leads to more difficult conditions for granting loans and thus to an increase in the monthly mortgage payments.

When considering purchasing a home, you should be on the lookout for a possible rise in the interest rates. To do this, it is preferable to opt for the fixed rates. However, this option does not necessarily fit everyone’s financial situation. More on this

Rights and duties of the owner and the tenant

By choosing to purchase a home, you invest in your future. After a few years, you could certainly sell it at a higher price, which would allow you to compensate for the expenses related to its acquisition (cost of notary, renovation and maintenance, mortgage interest costs, etc.). But this process will take legal and practical obligations.

Legal obligations relate to standards of urbanization or your town, property taxes, obligations to tenants, etc… So under what legal conditions an owner may ask a tenant to his property? Ditto for the obligations of the owner regarding the regular renovation of the premises, the increase rent regulations, etc… Rent a house has many practical advantages including flexibility and the exemption of taxes and maintenance but you have to be very careful about the laws and your tenant must inquire about his legal rights and duties.

Otherwise, you can also consider all arguments for and against the lease or the purchase of a property on the main line, including in financial terms (visit this profile to know more. Contacting a realtor is the best way for you to know if it is better to rent or to buy a property. Everything depends on your personal financial situation. Will it be able to face any mortgage interest rate increases? Otherwise it is better adapted to a fixed rate?

Real Estate Loan Insurance in Five Point

loan for your purchase

When preparing their real estate project, borrowers don’t always think about the question of loan insurance, even though it is crucial and mandatory.

The borrower’s insurance guarantees the repayment of the loan in the event of death of the holder. Limited to the duration of the loan, it is usually supplemented by guarantees covering the risk of incapacity, invalidity or loss of employment. Here are five tips to be sure to be well covered!

Group or Individual Contract?

insurances and legal aspectChoose an individual borrower contract and not the collective agreement proposed by your bank could reduce the cost of its insurance. It is now established that a bank may not refuse another contract of insurance as security for a loan other that the house contract, if it has equivalent levels of guarantee. If the bank refuses a competing contract it must then justify its choice.

How Long Should the Insurance be For?

If the loans are granted for 15, 20 or even 25 years, the actual length of detention of the property rarely exceeds 10 years. Consider this fact when choosing an insurance loan as the borrower tends to compare contracts over the duration of the loan that he contracts. However, if some contracts may present a rather low insurance rate, they tend to have heavier monthly payments in the first years. It is therefore especially advised to first-time buyers, who are more likely to quickly resell their first good to acquire a larger.

Not Only The Cost Matters!

Keep in mind that the price is not the only element to be taken into account when comparing insurance contracts, as it is always better to pay a little more in order to be better covered.

You must take into account the exclusions related to the contract, i.e. events that the insurance does not take into account. All contracts cover the death and the complete loss of autonomy, but there are different types of guarantees against occupational incapacity… All contracts do not take into account the so-called “non-potentially disease” – a barbaric term which includes diseases but also widespread diseases from back pain to psychic disorders.

Act Fast and Well

It is recommended to establish your record of insurance as soon as possible, without waiting to obtain a response from your bank on the level of the rate or the term of his loan.

The advise is worth more for borrowers who have health problems – the approach that can hang out in length in the case of complementary medical applications – or who borrow a big asset. As a general rule, once a case is a little complex, having prepared your insurance upstream allows you to obtain a more rapid agreement, and to avoid ending up stuck for an insurance issues.

Save Time on Health Examinations

The borrower shall attach to his subscription file a statement of health or a medical questionnaire, because depending on his age and the amount to ensure, some medical documents attesting to his state of health can be requested (medical report, blood profile, electrocardiogram…).

It is still possible to establish these documents by a general practitioner or a laboratory analysis, but it is recommended to go through an authorized medical center. This solution allows saving money (costs are covered in full by the insurance company which directly pays the medical center) and time. All tests and examinations requested being made in a single appointment by physicians accustomed to this type of situation and familiar with the requests from insurers, there is no risk for the documents are incomplete or lacking some information.

To know more about commercial real estate loans visit this webpage

How to Negotiate Your Real Estate Purchase

make the right choice

Are you ready to negotiate? In order to it the best way possible there are 5 crucial steps of a “real estate purchase” preceding an effective negotiation. You should know that there are almost as many negotiation techniques as there are buyers and sellers. But they are not all effective!

The right technique is one that will be suitable for:
• Your situation (profession, intake, age, etc…).
• Your personality (shy, on you, etc…).
• The situation of the seller (pressed or not to sell).
• The type of property (location, quality, work, etc…).
• The market (successful or not).

Take care of your credibility for all your purchases.

make the right choiceTo be an effective buyer you need to know what you can afford. In order to exactly know what you can afford the best thing to do is to take an appointment with your bank so you can calculate your debt capacity. This will also allow you to set up your budget and find the best bank for your mortgage.

A few questions you should ask the seller.

• The reason why the owner is willing to sell his house.
• To which extend you can negotiate.
• The number of proposal and their amount.
• How long the property has been on sale for.

Do not believe that the answers you will get will necessarily be true though. However, they will allow you to better understand the situation and the personality of the seller.

Negotiation is a duel and here are your weapons:

Offer to sign a sale’s agreement the very next day, as it will impress the seller.

Make an Offer
Make a written proposal in order to show that your commitment is not verbal.

real estate nogociation is an artRemember to choose the most adapted way of negotiating according to your personality and the seller’s. Also know that there is no perfect strategy and that everything a good negotiation lies in the mix of the below elements.

Electric shock
You need to have: Audacity.
Make a proposal that you think unacceptable so the seller will be destabilized. If he believes that you are credible, he may unveil his bottom price through its counter proposal. You then can accept it or make a second electric shock.

The confrontation
You need to have: cold blood.
Make a non-negotiable proposal at least of 20% less than the fixed price. It is here a make it or break situation.

You need to have: patience.
List all the elements that will justify the proposal that you make: bad energy balance, noisy environment, the views, the neighbourhood, etc…
If you are right and that these remarks are indisputable, you will make the seller uncertain about the price he fixed. He might even lose confidence in the quality of his property and will be all the more willing to accept the estimate you make.

How to Ensure the Maintenance of Your Home?

The last time I payed a visit to my tenants, I discovered my apartment in a horrible state: dust all over the place, dirty dishes everywhere in the kitchen, sticky floors and marks made by posters pinned to the walls… I certainly was surprised because being from a good family, I am not used to that… I went home with the need to reassure myself about the state of the apartment once the current tenant will be gone but mostly about the fact that I had rented it to the wrong person…

For me as for you, here is a brief reminder of the things to know about the obligations of the tenant.

The Tenant’s Obligations

tenants issuesThe tenant must answer to any damage and loss that occurs during the term of the contract for which he has the exclusive enjoyment. He also must assume the responsibility for taking care of the house, facilities referred to in the contract such as small repairs unless they are caused by time, dilapidation, construction’s defect or cases of force majeure. The tenant must not change the premises and equipment rented without the written consent of the owner.

Dealing With Small Repairs

The tenant must repair, for the duration of the lease, small repairs necessary for the maintenance of the house:

• Coating of walls and ceilings that must be maintained clean;
• Carpets, floors and other floor coverings must be regularly cleaned. The lessee shall change the damaged windows or opening and closing systems. If he has lost a key, he must replace them;
• Electricity, gas and water. The lessee shall replace the switches, the joints of the water lines, gas lines, and shower hoses connecting pipes. He also must ensure the maintenance of the ductwork venting (chimney) or the boiler.

The Place should be Left as First Found

your home needs repairs?At the end of the contract, he tenant will have to leave the house according to what is described in the inventory. Accordingly, he must bear for damage suffered during the duration of the lease. But he does not have to bear the costs of refurbishment of the premises, nor that he cannot be required to repair damage due to normal wear and aging of the premises.

Cleaning Issues at The End of The Lease?

If some damage occurred only in respect of the cleanliness of the house (no deterioration requiring repair), you then have 3 solutions:

Do the cleaning yourself: pretty well if you’re a cleaning freak but you will not have the right to withhold fees on the deposit if you are the one who cleaning the place (except for the purchase of cleaning products).

Ask to the next tenant some compensation: you can offer him to reduce the rent for the first month as a compensation for the cleaning. There again, this is a loss for you. Plus, it will affect your tenant opinion on the state of your house is your ad mentioned in good condition. And you will have to rely on the cleaning standards of your next tenant…

Hiring a professional cleaner: pay the bill and hold the same amount on the deposit. You will not lose your time and you’ll have spent nothing from your pocket. This solution is the best: simple, practical and you get your money back!

Take care of your property listings pictures

The importance of offering beautiful photos on your real estate ads

optimise your pictures for salesA real estate ad with a photo is ten times more consulted than an announcement without picture, and some users specify in their search for results with photos only. In the United States, a new concept emerged: the real estate search by photo. Launched by House Happy, this practice allows to select a property in the first place by the photo!

Really important as it helps to differentiate your property and highlight either on display or on the Web, the photos must be of quality. They must capture the attention of the buyer or the tenant, his interest, and thereby multiply the contacts and visits. In addition, a quality photo is a reflection of your professionalism and your agency.

Discover our recommendations for our real estate agent readers, to achieve quality pictures and thus illustrate your listings.

A few tips to give a treat to your photos listings

Use a good camera

One of the most common errors is to propose photos with a poor image quality. It is recommended that you use a camera offering a resolution greater than 5 megapixels. You can optionally use a tripod to stabilize the image.

Make bright pictures

The brightness is the second criterion, after localization, sought by a purchaser, where the importance of bring out the brightness of the goods on the photos. So take your photos in a sunny weather or at the time of the day where the Interior is the brightest. The lengthening of the exposure time and the use of flash external help make brighter pictures. Dark photos being unattractive, retouch them with free software such as The Gimp.

De-personalize inside

show the best of your propertyPotential purchasers or tenants must be able to project in their new home. Thus, the housing must be tidy, clean and neutral. Ask to remove the family photos and other personal property photo time. You can also push the furniture and other objects imposing to highlight parts volumes.

Create a pleasant atmosphere

Green plants, flowers, or a touch of color as an array to create a pleasant atmosphere. Home Staging, new practice which is to stage its interior for sole purpose of selling the property more easily, is all the rage now.

Choose the angles of view

Adjust your shooting according to your will to photograph a room, a detail, the arrangement of several spots, the view, etc. Try several vantage points: from the front, diagonally, seen from above…

To photograph a room, place yourself at the level of the door to take a shot on all of the room. To take a picture from the outside, avoid taking elements that could divert attention such as poles. Take an angle that highlights the depth of the place. We recommend that you use a lens between 10 and 28 mm wide-angle.

Highlight the strengths of the property

If the housing has a large garden, a swimming pool, solar panels, or any other intrinsic characteristics, they must appear in the pictures.

Take a large number of photos

Take lots of photos to be able to select the best. The number of photos to post depends on the type of goods. Six photos are enough for a studio, while will need to double their number for an apartment 4 pieces. The user must not remain hungry or wondering why some parts do not appear in photos. Conversely, too many photos can tire the potential purchaser.

Choose with care the first photo

87% of Internet users spend on average 15 seconds on the first picture. Thus, the choice of the first picture should be carefully. It is she who will entice your prospect to read or the description of the ad.

You’ve to take your camera!

And you, real estate agents, do you have any tips or advice to share to take successful photos?

Real Estate Market in USA: a Still Declining Market

The U.S. housing market is still in decline.

The number of repossessions continues to increase and real estate prices continue to fall and it is far from being the end according to famous analysts.

Real estate foreclosures: record in July 2014

buy houses main line paAbout 360 150 U.S. homes were seized in July 2009, an increase of 7% compared to repossessions of June 2009, where peaks had already been achieved. Real estate in the United States is so far from getting out of the real estate crisis in 2014. The rise in repossessions stood at + 32% in annual comparison from 2009 to 2014.

Thus, on all households who have contracted a loan to buy a house, 1 355 would today be proceeding repossession. The most affected in the USA States are Florida, California, Nevada and Arizona.

Sales of new homes in the USA are at the lowest

The real estate market is completely devastated in the United States, there are so many properties for sale at cheap price that sales of new homes have collapsed heavily over the last few years.

Real estate prices in the United States

The bulk of the US housing bubble has deflated, but the magnitude of the crisis suggests that this decline in real estate prices is far from over.

If we compare the curves of the United States and those of Europe, prices of houses and apartments in the USA are less than in France and Germany coupled and that there is a lag in time between the explosion of the real estate bubble in the United States or England and the deflation of the housing bubble in Europe. This portends of what awaits the real estate market in Europe in next months and years to come…

Global Trends for 2015

Synthesis of trends in real estate in 2014

homes for sale in philadelphia suburbsIt is too early to know the total decline in prices of real estate in 2014. Official figures of the give final values that statistics laid down in the first quarter of 2014. At that time, housing prices fall across 1.7% over one year (-1.4% for apartments,-2.1% for houses).

In the 2nd quarter, figures were considered as semi-final and may therefore still be modified, real estate professional’s notes an evolution of -1.3% over one year with nearly equivalent variations for the apartments and houses (respectively-1.4% and-1.6%).

Third-quarter figures are only provisional and as they are often fixed in previous publications (almost always downward), it is not appropriate to mention them for the moment. All that we are seeing is that this trend of reduction of prices in current dollars continues with a greater pace for apartments than for homes on these two quarters. It is now the best time to buy homes for sale main line pa.

However, this is not all! Quite the contrary. To properly understand this cycle, buyers should also take into account the impact of other factors that weigh on property prices. During this same period, borrowers have not benefited from the same conditions of funding. Indeed, borrowing rates fell over this period of 179 basis points. This is equivalent to a decrease in the price of 12.3% according to figures of the Housing Credit.

It was therefore a reduction of prices by 6.1% as well as an improvement on the interest rate which is equivalent to a down price of 13.9%. Either an overall decline of more than 19% in less than 2.5 years!

Nevertheless it is still far from returning to levels accessible to the average american revenues as shown in the last curves of James Trish. After reviewing things that change for real estate in 2014 and the impact it could have on the market, we will return on the forecast for property prices in 2015, as well as the evolution of mortgage rates.

Will prices continue to drop?

There are no major changes compared to last year, who can know that these last years of flipping real estate market will stop there and prices will go upward in 2015. The deflationary economic environment with high rates of unemployment and income after tax which decrease every year suggests a real estate bubble deflation of this huge lawsuit that we experienced in the early 2000s.

In addition, the sharp increase in taxation on unused land possession causes massive property sales, we should even expect an acceleration of these price declines. Indeed, the speculation could take a cost. But it is one of the main causes of the high prices.

Tips and techniques for your commercial real estate sales

Real Estate at the time of the Internet!

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 19.14.23Using 15 years of the Internet as a promotional tool for sellers is a fantastic revolution in itself.

Today, buyers consult 80% of these websites before buying real estate. Ads sites are numerous, all sales of goods are mixed, and mostly resemble to tote (the exceptional property with the maid’s room to renovate)!

The set is often very heterogeneous, and lack of consistency in the properties offered and do not highlight the features of the property.

We chose five thematic specialization and ads

1 / The theme of assets with a remarkable view, which is an important criterion for the purchase of a property, because of the presence of a view

– The panoramic view and stunning sea views
– Urban view
– The door to your home or mountain peak

The view will be a source of differentiation and bring a development of this advantage of your real estate and real source of much value.

2 / The subject property to renovate, which correspond to the demands of first-time buyers (first real estate purchase), often with smaller budget. The property to be rehabilitated are highly sought by real estate investors because the property can be renovated and relisted later to realize a capital gain or keep in a logic of medium or long term rental investment. The renovation may involve minor renovations (plumbing, electrical standards given to …) or the structural work (carpentry, roofing, masonry, extension, …).

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 19.14.163 / A thematic approach being a handicap buyer or tenants who have the urgent need for their home to be adapted to their disability to make their lives easier (bathroom, walk-in shower, kitchen, living room or wider doors, access to or instead of disabled parking).

4 / Your house or apartment of character and typical of a region of your country

The regional real estate also applies to international buyers who are looking for house or apartment with character

5 / Your house is on one level or apartment is located on the ground floor with an external (ground-garden): the houses or apartments are mostly sought after by young senior whose physical condition or state of health no longer allows or does not allow the future of climbing stairs, the ground floor is then the ideal solution for all the living rooms are on the ground floor. Young couples with young children are also looking bungalow for security issues of their children (risk of a child climbing on furniture or objects in your windows or passes through the bars of the balcony and fall, or a fall down the stairs of the house).

Trends: Real Estate Prices are Rising Around the World!

According to the latest study by Global Property Guide on real estate markets in the world in 2014 last quarter, 30 of 39 countries saw their housing prices rise more than 78% of the panel.

Good news is Europe is back!

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 18.59.06
Evolution of house prices in countries around the world Q3 2014 – Source Global Property Guide

4 of the 5 largest increases in property markets are on the old continent.
House prices rose in 17 European countries

TOP of the largest increases in Q3 2014:

Dubai + 23.73%
Estonia + 15.30%
Ireland + 14.52%
UK + 8.95%
Turkey + 7.51%

The Flop of the largest declines in Q3 2014:

Ukraine -36.6%
Greece -7.08%
Russia -5.68%
Singapore -4.79%
Spain -4.15%

A Few Tips For Foreigners Investing in Real Estate Properties in the US

To begin, we must have a written contract and everything has to be in the written contract. Otherwise you will have problems in exercising your agreements.

Realtors often get potential buyers contracts where they add specific information: address; the names of the buyers and sellers; all that is included in the sale which is not attached to the walls, floor or ceiling (eg oven, fridge, curtains, etc.); the commission of the agent; the date the seller will pay the price and receive the keys (the “closing” is comparable in some measure to what happens in other countries when it comes to the notary to sign the Act); some conditions precedent to the buyer; etc.

contract-408216_640Something more and more prevalent in the US is the ability to leave some time to the different parties (usually 10 days) to review the contract with their lawyers. The lawyer will have the opportunity to cancel the contract for legal reasons only – it will not be to negotiate a better price. Also, we add other things to simplify the transfer: acceptance of documents by fax and in counterparts; a way to put money into an escrow account; etc.

In Illinois and other states, the seller has the obligation to know beforehand if serious problems arise with the real estate property. But also, the buyer can choose to include in the contract the right to do visit by an expert to verify that there is no serious problem. If there are any, it can cancel the contract without losing its provision.
As opposed to what happens in other countries, in america the lawyers prepare the documents for the sale: the transfer of title of the property and assets included; explaining, taxes, taxes, and fees; forms to register the transfer with the authorities; etc. The lawyer for the seller is responsible for writing most of the documents and must see them by the lawyer of the buyer few days before the “closing”.

The lawyer or occasionally the agent or seller, also has the obligation to obtain a letter from the company that the mortgage showing the amount to be paid, a letter from the city that all the property taxes are paid, a letter that the house is legal for its area, or, if the property is from a co-ownership, information on co-ownership as well as a letter stating that the seller does not have any money to the board.
There are no notary, as we know it in Europe for example, in the US system. This is the “Recorder of Deeds,” which deals with the transfer of the recording.
Of importance for these transactions is the company that ensures the legality of the transfer (“title company”). It looks geodesy recently by the seller, privileges, old titles and the contract to ensure the buyer that he will receive what he signed for. In addition, he is responsible for purging the mortgage, the calculation and payment of taxes, the current record of the new owner, etc.

In the usa, the seller usually pays the preparation of documents, examination and title insurance, taxes the state and county for the transfer, and some other small expenses. The buyer pays the premium for the mortgage, the costs of the company that will complete documents, registration of the title and the mortgage and some other small expenses. The city tax for transfer is often paid by the buyer, but not always.

Find a Great Accommodation in Chicago

Chicago illinois

If you are looking for an accommodation in Chicago, this article will tell you about the types of accommodation available and the way forward.

Chicago illinoisTo settle in the city of Chicago, you will need to find housing. You can buy a home, rent or sublet an apartment or opt for colocation. But first, find the area where you want to live and learn about its environment. The city is divided into four sections, including “The Loop” the north side “Mostly,” the “West Side” and the “South Side”. Apartments for rent are available in almost all regions.

How To Find A Gem

To find a great accommodation in the capital city of Illinois, you can check the classified ads in local newspapers if you are already on site or locate posters “rent” on homes or apartments. You can also visit the websites on which you have the option of publishing an accommodation search ads, or just hire a real estate agent who will handle all the procedures for you. Here are some links that might be helpful: Chicago Tribune


Chicago Sun

It is advisable to visit a maximum of apartments or houses before making your choice. Take the time to learn about the life of the lease, the various fees that may be related to the rent, and if you have to pay an advance or a guarantee. If you will settle with your pet, first check conditions with the owner.

It is also important to know your rights as a tenant, especially in regard to the lease. You must know and understand the terms of the lease before signing. You will have more information about this on the following link:

Types of accommodation

housing tips in ChicagoSeveral types of housing available in the city of Chicago. If you have a high budget, you can offer a modern and comfortable apartment in a skyscraper with babysitting services, a terrace, a laundry and dry cleaning included. You mostly find in the “downtown” and along Lake Michigan. The “townhomes” or townhouses, are most common in Chicago. These include in particular a small garden, a garage overlooking an alley. This type of accommodation is generally praised, often by floor, and is ideal for a quiet and peaceful life in the neighborhood.

You will also find that lofts are former warehouses and factories converted into apartments. The lofts are spacious, offer more or less the same comfort as the skyscrapers and are located near the city center.

Accommodation Prices

The dwellings in “The Loop” are the most expensive ones because it is a trendy area. Prices vary according to the three sub-sectors, namely the South Loop, the West Loop, and Streeterville. If you want to rent a studio, you will have to spend around $ 900 per month while for an apartment with three bedrooms, it will take you $ 6,000 per month.

You’ll need at least $ 550 per month for a studio, $ 1,750 for an apartment with two bedrooms. In northern suburbs you can find an apartment from $ 750 and a studio from $ 400. The apartments in the “West Side” meanwhile, are available from $ 1,000 while the rent for a studio starts from $ 500.

The least expensive homes are found mostly in the South Side. But it’s not as long as they are recommended because it is a region classified as dangerous due to the lack of security.

Become a Property Owner in the State of New York

The purchase of a property from an individual is the essence of real estate transactions in the state of New York, at the expense of auctions, purchasing from banks or promoters.

The key steps in the purchase from a private individual:

1 / MLS, what is it?

New YorkIn New York, every salesperson has in its portfolio, property for sale mandates that he must share with other agencies through a common system called MLS (Multiple Listing System). This centralization of properties for sale is freely available on the Internet. This is a huge advantage for the buyer compared to other systems, such as France, for example, where you have to tour agencies to see what was in store.
There are many ways to access MLS data, including the sites of some real estate agencies. Attention access is FREE. So Flee sites that offer you to pay for access.

It is noteworthy that the MLS also contains offers for rent.

Please note that the Manhattan area is subject to specific rules and do not have an MLS.

2 / Quote

To have a clear idea of the value of the property on the market, you can visit

Once you have located the property in question, you must provide a written offer, with the first payment of between $ 5,000 and 10% of the amount of the offer. Of course, the money is deposited into an escrow account (Escrow Account) and is fully refunded if the offer is refused, however, provided you have in your sales contract, which provides for the suspension clause.

3 / Inspections

Once an offer is accepted, you can request a detailed site inspection (Home Inspection) at your expense. If the inspection is satisfactory, you will need to place on the same escrow account an additional amount between 15% and 25% good.

4 / Funding

Get a property in NYThe buyer can obviously choose to either buy the property fully expecting either to resort to financing. In the latter case, obtaining a loan may take some time, between 45 and 60 days. Meanwhile, the lending bank will probably request an estimate of the property in question, with a specialized and independent body. This written estimate (appraisal) is a valuable indicator for the bank, who knows, therefore, if the purchase price you offer is relevant. Knowing that she may end up with your property on the arms if you do not repay your loan, it checks its market value …

5 / The closing of the sale or Closing

Once funding has been obtained, the closing of the sale (Closing) is usually done in the following days.

Therefore came a closing agent (Closing Agent or Settlement Agent) who:

Represents the buyer in the transfer of title and transfer of property of the Seller to the Buyer.
Conducts research on the validity of title.
Offers the assurance of this title (Owner’s Title Insurance Policy). Specifically, this insurance covers the state of title at some point.
Synchronizes the payment of funds through its escrow account.
Closing costs for the buyer ranged from 1.5% (with purchase) and 4% of the purchase price

Hope this helps.