Real Estate Photography Tips

image aérienne propriete dans le var

Being able to take clear pictures of real estate is an important part of selling a home. The photographs need to have a crisp appearance with no visual limitations.

A photo that is blurry, blotchy, or has a glare can be hard to attract potential buyers. People who are looking for real estate will be wanting to find pictures of homes that they can easily see. These types of photo captions can make a sale of real estate because people can clearly see what they are thinking about purchasing.
Here are some tips that can be used to ensure high-quality photographs of real estate.


villa with a pool
Get these long exposure shots

A tripod is a good choice of equipment to have when taking high-quality pictures. A tripod can be used to hold the camera for a steady picture taking process.
This keeps the camera balanced and stable to ensure that the photos are visible. Often, when we take pictures holding our cameras, they can be shaky and not provide a clear image. The tripod eliminates the shaky hands when holding a camera and provides a uniform and precise image quality with each click. Different size tripods can be purchased and it would be best to choose one that works for your picture quality needs.


A flash is another important piece of equipment that can improve and enhance photos. The flash provides enough light to provide bright and easy to see images. When taking pictures inside homes, they may turn out dark without proper lighting.
A flash can help eliminate the darkness and still let you have a clear picture of the area you want to capture. It would be a good idea to bring along more than one flash for backup. A flash will improve the quality images that you want to capture in real estate photography.

Lighting Stands

A light stand can be useful in areas of low light and high ceilings. A light stand can help to reflect more lighting in the room that the picture is being taken in.
This is a handy piece of equipment to have available when taking photos of attics, closets, pantry’s, crawl spaces, and large rooms that may have limited lighting and windows. A light stand comes in different sizes and reflects more light in a typically low limited light area.

Angle Lens (Wide)

An important and wide-angle lens is a must have when shooting crisp pictures of real estate. The large angle lens can capture big rooms and spaces that a smaller lens would not be able to handle. A large angle lens is a good choice because it stays in focus and provides spectacular images with each click of the camera. This type of lens would work well for large yards, rooms, basements, porches, scenery, and much more. There is no need to take several pictures of one room to capture the entire space. A large, wide angle lens can capture the entire area with one picture instead of multiple ones with a small lens. It is an excellent choice for professional real estate photos.


real estate photography patchwork

An excellent way to make real estate photography more appealing is to use and editing software. This type of software can help eliminate any blemishes or lightening issues that may have occurred. It can also be used to make the quality of the picture stand out in appearance and detail. An appealing and attractive picture will attract people’s attention and make them want to see more of the real estate has to offer. Editing is a great way to make the images stand out and have an excellent image appearance.

Drone Photography

A drone is a magnificent piece of equipment to use to capture pictures of real estate. The drone can be propelled above the property to take aerial photos from above to capture the beauty of the real estate. The drone allows images to be taken that can help to sell the property. It can show the layout of the roof and any damage that may need to be repaired. It allows for photos to be displayed to potential buyers that cannot be taken with a regular camera on the ground. Being able to use a drone to capture pictures of real estate is a great way to show the beauty of the property and display imagery that would otherwise not be able to be captured from above. Shop for a sac transport pour drone here !

Content suitable for your real estate website

Google is a powerful ally

Discover what is your target audience and what they are looking for, give priority to those criteria and create content that meets the needs of users to improve your reputation and positioning online.

Steps to create the appropriate content for your customers:


The box of Google search gives us clues about the most searched.

Type words related to your business, as you think your customers would do so. Without reaching the query, see the options offered by the search engine to complete your query, which correspond to the most sought after by other users.


target the right audience for your realty businessKeywords in Adwords and Google Trends tool, go beyond search suggestions and provide estimates of the volume of queries for a group of keywords, as well as suggest variations of the terms.

They also enable segmentation by location and extract data from the content of a website.

The aim of these tools is planning for the Adwords system, since it generates keyword and ad group ideas, lets know the possible performance of a keyword list and create a list of keywords by combining various terms, but it serves to detect possible queries that make users, to prepare content that answers to these questions.


If there are questions that are repeated in your conversations with your customers, it’s answer on your website or blog, to cater for all those who carry out these questions by searching online.

It is similar to the “frequently asked questions”, with a format closer to the customer.

This post is an example, trying to bring ideas about what content manage to improve the natural positioning of your real estate website.


What is different, unique, attracts readers.

The content detailing the uniqueness of a particular service (marketing for housing, valuation of the property, negotiating with buyers,…), allows a specific positioning. Does not guarantee a high volume of access but if contacts of high quality, since looking for something specific that you’ve got to show that you offer it.

All real estate captures, valued, trading, markets, public, organizes open doors…, but few explain how have done you and the benefits of its services to its customers.

The process of acquisition or marketing of a singular housing attracts the attention of owners and buyers.

Exposure of your past work ensures the application of more jobs for new customers.


Create case studies with real services to real customers, gives credibility your work, as well as show examples, which facilitates the task of explaining your services and advantages.

It has stories of your customers and the achievement of its objectives, so that new customers wishing to be the following.

The benefits of each are the desires of others.


The credibility of an opinion from a customer about your services is greater when the firm itself in a neutral medium, as the opinions on Facebook or Google Plus profiles.

But there are ways to verify that the client has agreed to offer public opinion about your services. Photos and videos of customers discussing their experience with you, support the message.

Take care of your property listings pictures

The importance of offering beautiful photos on your real estate ads

optimise your pictures for salesA real estate ad with a photo is ten times more consulted than an announcement without picture, and some users specify in their search for results with photos only. In the United States, a new concept emerged: the real estate search by photo. Launched by House Happy, this practice allows to select a property in the first place by the photo!

Really important as it helps to differentiate your property and highlight either on display or on the Web, the photos must be of quality. They must capture the attention of the buyer or the tenant, his interest, and thereby multiply the contacts and visits. In addition, a quality photo is a reflection of your professionalism and your agency.

Discover our recommendations for our real estate agent readers, to achieve quality pictures and thus illustrate your listings.

A few tips to give a treat to your photos listings

Use a good camera

One of the most common errors is to propose photos with a poor image quality. It is recommended that you use a camera offering a resolution greater than 5 megapixels. You can optionally use a tripod to stabilize the image.

Make bright pictures

The brightness is the second criterion, after localization, sought by a purchaser, where the importance of bring out the brightness of the goods on the photos. So take your photos in a sunny weather or at the time of the day where the Interior is the brightest. The lengthening of the exposure time and the use of flash external help make brighter pictures. Dark photos being unattractive, retouch them with free software such as The Gimp.

De-personalize inside

show the best of your propertyPotential purchasers or tenants must be able to project in their new home. Thus, the housing must be tidy, clean and neutral. Ask to remove the family photos and other personal property photo time. You can also push the furniture and other objects imposing to highlight parts volumes.

Create a pleasant atmosphere

Green plants, flowers, or a touch of color as an array to create a pleasant atmosphere. Home Staging, new practice which is to stage its interior for sole purpose of selling the property more easily, is all the rage now.

Choose the angles of view

Adjust your shooting according to your will to photograph a room, a detail, the arrangement of several spots, the view, etc. Try several vantage points: from the front, diagonally, seen from above…

To photograph a room, place yourself at the level of the door to take a shot on all of the room. To take a picture from the outside, avoid taking elements that could divert attention such as poles. Take an angle that highlights the depth of the place. We recommend that you use a lens between 10 and 28 mm wide-angle.

Highlight the strengths of the property

If the housing has a large garden, a swimming pool, solar panels, or any other intrinsic characteristics, they must appear in the pictures.

Take a large number of photos

Take lots of photos to be able to select the best. The number of photos to post depends on the type of goods. Six photos are enough for a studio, while will need to double their number for an apartment 4 pieces. The user must not remain hungry or wondering why some parts do not appear in photos. Conversely, too many photos can tire the potential purchaser.

Choose with care the first photo

87% of Internet users spend on average 15 seconds on the first picture. Thus, the choice of the first picture should be carefully. It is she who will entice your prospect to read or the description of the ad.

You’ve to take your camera!

And you, real estate agents, do you have any tips or advice to share to take successful photos?

Tips and techniques for your commercial real estate sales

Real Estate at the time of the Internet!

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 19.14.23Using 15 years of the Internet as a promotional tool for sellers is a fantastic revolution in itself.

Today, buyers consult 80% of these websites before buying real estate. Ads sites are numerous, all sales of goods are mixed, and mostly resemble to tote (the exceptional property with the maid’s room to renovate)!

The set is often very heterogeneous, and lack of consistency in the properties offered and do not highlight the features of the property.

We chose five thematic specialization and ads

1 / The theme of assets with a remarkable view, which is an important criterion for the purchase of a property, because of the presence of a view

– The panoramic view and stunning sea views
– Urban view
– The door to your home or mountain peak

The view will be a source of differentiation and bring a development of this advantage of your real estate and real source of much value.

2 / The subject property to renovate, which correspond to the demands of first-time buyers (first real estate purchase), often with smaller budget. The property to be rehabilitated are highly sought by real estate investors because the property can be renovated and relisted later to realize a capital gain or keep in a logic of medium or long term rental investment. The renovation may involve minor renovations (plumbing, electrical standards given to …) or the structural work (carpentry, roofing, masonry, extension, …).

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 19.14.163 / A thematic approach being a handicap buyer or tenants who have the urgent need for their home to be adapted to their disability to make their lives easier (bathroom, walk-in shower, kitchen, living room or wider doors, access to or instead of disabled parking).

4 / Your house or apartment of character and typical of a region of your country

The regional real estate also applies to international buyers who are looking for house or apartment with character

5 / Your house is on one level or apartment is located on the ground floor with an external (ground-garden): the houses or apartments are mostly sought after by young senior whose physical condition or state of health no longer allows or does not allow the future of climbing stairs, the ground floor is then the ideal solution for all the living rooms are on the ground floor. Young couples with young children are also looking bungalow for security issues of their children (risk of a child climbing on furniture or objects in your windows or passes through the bars of the balcony and fall, or a fall down the stairs of the house).