Tips and techniques for your commercial real estate sales

Real Estate at the time of the Internet!

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 19.14.23Using 15 years of the Internet as a promotional tool for sellers is a fantastic revolution in itself.

Today, buyers consult 80% of these websites before buying real estate. Ads sites are numerous, all sales of goods are mixed, and mostly resemble to tote (the exceptional property with the maid’s room to renovate)!

The set is often very heterogeneous, and lack of consistency in the properties offered and do not highlight the features of the property.

We chose five thematic specialization and ads

1 / The theme of assets with a remarkable view, which is an important criterion for the purchase of a property, because of the presence of a view

– The panoramic view and stunning sea views
– Urban view
– The door to your home or mountain peak

The view will be a source of differentiation and bring a development of this advantage of your real estate and real source of much value.

2 / The subject property to renovate, which correspond to the demands of first-time buyers (first real estate purchase), often with smaller budget. The property to be rehabilitated are highly sought by real estate investors because the property can be renovated and relisted later to realize a capital gain or keep in a logic of medium or long term rental investment. The renovation may involve minor renovations (plumbing, electrical standards given to …) or the structural work (carpentry, roofing, masonry, extension, …).

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 19.14.163 / A thematic approach being a handicap buyer or tenants who have the urgent need for their home to be adapted to their disability to make their lives easier (bathroom, walk-in shower, kitchen, living room or wider doors, access to or instead of disabled parking).

4 / Your house or apartment of character and typical of a region of your country

The regional real estate also applies to international buyers who are looking for house or apartment with character

5 / Your house is on one level or apartment is located on the ground floor with an external (ground-garden): the houses or apartments are mostly sought after by young senior whose physical condition or state of health no longer allows or does not allow the future of climbing stairs, the ground floor is then the ideal solution for all the living rooms are on the ground floor. Young couples with young children are also looking bungalow for security issues of their children (risk of a child climbing on furniture or objects in your windows or passes through the bars of the balcony and fall, or a fall down the stairs of the house).