Selling Your House

Selling real estate: tips and information for a successful sale.

luxury houses up for saleFind all the information in this topic to sell your real estate in the best conditions.

A journey of 7 steps that need to be addressed properly.

The 7 steps to your sale of housing

Most sellers attempting to sell their property try to do it between individuals. They then complete their approach or not, with one or several real estate agencies or a notary.
Here are tips to effectively manage these 7 steps you’ll have to cross to successfully sell your home or apartment.

1. Make good estimates

Knowing how to stick to your price to get a sale fast and in good condition can earn you a lot of time and money.

It is not so simple to get a good real estate estimate. Either you need to call a professional who possesses the necessary experience in your area, you must take the time to inform you well. It is not enough to take an average price per square metre and multiply it by the surface to estimate the price of a given apartment.

The price of your property will be well positioned according to competing offerings. Be careful therefore not to neglect this step which is to assess the value of your property.

2. Take good pictures

Potential buyers will want to visit your home or apartment, need that over the asking price, well worthwhile. So learn to cleverly use the photos for your real estate ads. It seems that the presence of photos tenfold the visibility of your property in the real estate sites.

Make attractive photos and allow to go account volumes in the main rooms. If your property contains additional elements that make it grow in value, it is important to take as many pictures (pool, large garage, important land, beautiful view, etc.).

3. A full description of the property is crucial

Photos are not enough. It is very important to carefully prepare your real estate ad. This will allow, on the one hand, to avoid unnecessary visits. Indeed, the more complete it can be in your description the more targeted buyers you will get.

Your ad must also demonstrate the potential of your accommodation and help justify the price. There are hundreds of thousands of ads on various Internet sites. To get your listing more visibility, it should be attractive as well as visuals demonstrating the quality of the presentation.

4. Publish ads on the biggest free sites

The web is full of free real estate sites, so you can take the opportunity to increase your visibility for free. Put at least an announcement on each of the sites that attract the most traffic. You will be sure to be seen by a majority of potential buyers in your city.

On some websites, you will need to update your listing regularly to ensure that it is not pushed beyond the first few pages. You also have the option of taking paid options to be more visible. However, it is useless to spend money to show an asset at an overvalued price in the headings…

5. Choosing your real estate agency

If you decide to use a middleman to sell your property, take the time to carefully choose your agency. As in many areas, you can pretty much find everything when it comes to real estate agents. In order to not lose your precious time, a good selection is required.

A realty professional in your city should be able to give you advice on your local real estate market. It is very well placed to know the current conditions of sale in your area. It is a valuable asset to position yourself correctly.

6. Adding value to your property

sell your house on the marketTo increase your chances, don’t forget to apply the basic principles of home staging:

– Thoroughly clean your property
– Clean up and reveal the spaces,
– Fix small defects,
– Etc…

The objective is to present the your property in a best possible way so that it leaves a good impression on those who visit it.

If your apartment or your home requires significant work (electricity, roofing, heating, etc.), you have the choice between investing for yourself and enhance your home or adapt your selling price to the presence of these large renovations.

7. Be reactive

Depending on the number of contacts you have, visits and any offers of purchase, you must change your price to adapt to your local real estate market.

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